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We don’t need to worry about vampires this Halloween!

My Scottish roots have a historical tendency towards “bland” food but I lean towards more Italian spices: garlic, basil, rosemary, thyme...the more robust flavor, the better. I remember growing up, I could walk in the door and my mom would ask if I had pizza for lunch. I was offended by the accusation and she was offended by the smell....and she wasn’t even the Scot in the house.

We’ve all been cooking a lot more over the past 7 months and pasta has been a bi-weekly (or more) staple in our house. The more I make, the more I tweak the sauce to add more flavor. One of the most noticeable things I have found is homegrown garlic has much more flavor than store bought or *gasp* the stuff in a jar. Thus birthed the idea of adding a garlic crop to our garden. This is our first go at garlic so come June, we may have enough for our little kitchen or for all of Osage county or none at all. That’s the beautiful mystery of gardening but social distancing probably won’t be a problem 😉

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