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19....NINE. TEEN. HOURS. That's how many hours our round trip drive lasted on Thursday. And I would do it all again tomorrow...which happens to be exactly a week later and how long it's taken me to fully recover LOL In all seriousness, it was a great day. Matt was crazy busy at work so I asked Grayson to accompany me to pick up our new bull calf just outside Houston. I met this really special lady in a Miniature Hereford Facebook group who had an amazing British accent, a cutie young bull named Samson and she happens to be my kindred spirit. Oh...she also has an awesome husband with the patience of a saint and a handsome kiddo with a great head of hair! ;-) But I digress...

5am Thursday morning, we took off with the trailer in tow and headed south to the Red Chicken Ranch in Magnolia, Texas. We chatted non-stop the entire way. I cherish these moments with my college kiddo that, all too soon, will be off on his own and too busy for a day long drive with mom. By noon, we had arrived and laid eyes on Samson and the rest of their herd family. By 2:30, we were pulling out hugging our new friends and loaded down with our boy, Samson, AND his beautiful, deep red, girl friend from birth, Devon. You see, numbers are hard and chicken math applies to cattle as well. Going to pick up one does not always mean you don't leave with 2..or 5. We are super excited to add them to M2G2 and can't wait for their escapades on the Funny Farm.

Introducing...Samson & Devon

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