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Majestic Millie

December, 16 2010 - October, 3 2020

Sweet Millie was with us for almost 10 years and today we had to say goodbye to her. She was Grayson’s baby but she was loved endlessly by all of us. She was family. I remember picking her up as a puppy for Grayson’s 11th birthday. He had asked for the longest time for a bulldog. We were finally back in Oklahoma with a fenced back yard and decided it was time. We drove to Tulsa and he cuddled and held her the entire way back to Edmond. He was smitten. Even this morning, as he said his final goodbyes, he was probably more smitten than even the day in the car so many years ago.

She was sweet and loving with a bulldog face so ugly she was cute. She could be cranky and protective and ornery and she loved expensive leather; I would give any $200 pair of shoes to have her healthy body back. She loved to snuggle...especially in dad’s big chair or in Grayson and Gavin’s beds she wasn’t really supposed to be in.

We will miss her terribly and I don’t know what I will do without my shadow. She’s no longer suffering and for that we are thankful.

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