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Look. Don’t touch.

Growing up, my parents collected antiques. So much so, they started their own antique business to buy & sell in their “spare” time. Their love for beautiful hand crafted furniture and stunning glass and hand cut crystal shaped Parlez-vous Antiques. One of my favorite childhood memories is traveling to visit antique shops, stores and markets. “Look. Don’t touch“ was a reiterated directive. Never with a harsh tone but with love, both for me and for the beautiful antiquities. My dad would walk with me, side by side with our hands clasped behind our backs. I still enjoy frequenting antique stores and I still look but don’t touch. Yesterday, I pulled out boxes of glassware that have been passed down to me and gently cleaned them. As we begin to think about moving to the farm next year, I know some of these treasures need to find a new home. Some will assume their position in our China cabinet and some will find a place in a new collector’s heart.

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