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Life on the Funny Farm: The Blog Begins

I have had so many people ask about the farm and want to hear our crazy antics of the Funny Farm. No, it's not actually called the Funny Farm but that's probably a more appropriate name. The M2G2 Farm is named for Matt, Mary (M2), Grayson, Gavin (G2).

The backstory: we had a hunting ranch in Texas for the better part of 20 years. As the boys got older and more involved with sports and school and friends, the less we were able to visit the ranch. Last summer, our ranch neighbor bought our land and we made plans for a farm/ranch in Oklahoma, closer to home and work. Matt looked at many, many properties all around Tulsa and finally found the perfect location. 207 beautiful acres of hills, streams, ponds, trees, pastures and wildlife in the Osage Hills of Oklahoma, just outside Skiatook.

Farm life is not easy. It is not for the faint of heart and we have shed a lot of blood, sweat and tears over the past 10 months...and we're just getting started.

What prompted me to finally start blogging, you ask? Well, last week was an incredibly tough week. Early Monday afternoon, I noticed one of our guinea keets was not well. By the time Matt got home from work and I had exhausted google with symptom searches and treatment plans, she was already gone. After we made sure the other guineas were okay and the chickens were safe & sound, we went to feed the goats. As soon as we got to them, we knew something was wrong. You know when you've been gone all day and your dog is SO excited to see you and jumps all over you because you must have been gone for dayssssss? Well, that's what our "puppy goats" do every afternoon at dinner time. Except Monday. Mama wasn't at the gate. We ran to the loafing shed and found her on the ground, unable to get up on her own. We called the vet, Matt rushed to get the trailer and off we went to the clinic. Somehow, Mama contracted listeria. It was like she had a stroke...the right side of her face & body couldn't move. She had a fever of 106. They equate it to polio for goats. Three injections and an IV of fluids along with a plethora of medication, they sent us home with Mama. The survival rate of listeria is very low and most goats don't make it 4-24 hours. Sadly, Mama passed away sometime during the night. I was heart broken. It's not just that I get too attached to our animals...I admittedly do. When something happens to one of them, I feel like I have let them down. In Mama's case, I didn't just let her down, I failed her baby, Daisy. I realize death is an unfortunate fact of life but gosh, it sure does hurt your heart. I haven't been able to talk about losing Mama so I am turning to my lost outlet of writing :) Thus, a blog is born. While I can't promise to not have more sad stories, I can guarantee lots of crazy, silly, somewhat outrageous antics of the Funny Farm.

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