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Lombard Cemetery

When the realtor was showing us the property, he was hesitant to tell us there was a cemetery on the land. Little did we know, this was a historical graveyard with headstones dating back to 1872, including that of Head Osage Judge Peter Perrier (1831-1895). We have documented all the still legible headstones and hope to restore the cemetery to, at least, resemble the original condition.

You can view all the headstones at

Our People and Where They Rest; Volume 12, page 71

Judge Peter Perrier

Chief Judge of the Osage Tribal Court


Born in Half Breed, Osage, Osage Indian Reservation, in and around Neosho County, Kansas. He was first married to Catherine Welsch (or CADRICK) around 1853 on the Osage Reservation, and there were three children born of that union; they are recorded with the alternative spelling of the last name, PERIAL. [Unknown name on first child, then the twins Thomas and William] He was later married to Mary Ann Gilmore around 1858, and there were seven children born from that union. [Sarah Ellen, Napoleon, Samuel, James S., Joseph, Leo and Margaraet Rose] They moved from the Kansas Osage Reservation around 1872 and relocated on a farm on Bird Creek in Osage County, then part of Indian Territory.



The Lombard Cemetery is located approximately eight miles north of Skiatook off Javine Hill Road to the east and on some private land which was in the Lombard Indian allotment.

The first grave was occupied by John H. Mosier who died on July , 1872, at the age of seven months and five days. The second grave was Joseph J. Mosier who died August 9, 1872, at the age of one year, four months and nine days. The third grave was Robert Lumby who died on February 14, 1876, at the age of 65 years. The last grave was Alfred Raymond Brown who died April 23, 1917. He was the years old, son of R. A. and Wilda Brown.

There are 26 marked graves in this cemetery. No one knows how many more are probably there. This was a forgotten cemetery for many years and a few citizens of the Skiatook community took an interest in it and cleaned it up and cataloged it. Leonard Edwards was the one who took time to catalog it and get all the information he could. His interest in several of the local cemeteries has given us a lot of valuable information that we would not have if he had not taken time to do this.

There is a layout of this cemetery at the Skiatook Museum with names and dates of the known marked graves. Submitted by Katy Blakeman with information provided by Leonard Edwards <pg 27 - Includes photo of Lombard Cemetery on pgs 27 & 28>

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