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Frequently asked questions

Why miniature herefords?

When we purchased the farm, we knew we wanted cattle. While researching breeds, we were drawn to the benefits of miniature Herefords: easier to handle, require less land & feed and extremely docile and friendly. We found a nearby farm who breeds miniautre Herefords and met with them. They were so incredibly helpful and we knew while we were there, this was the breed we wanted.

What animals will you get next?

We acquired a lot of animals at one time: 2 miniature Hereford heifers, 2 livestock guard dog puppies (Great Pyreneese), 6 guinea fowl & 7 chicks then quickly added another heifer & a bull. Matt says we have to put on the brakes and get all of these critters raised before we add more. Mary says kunekune pigs will be the next breed addition...maybe in a year or so. Our main goal right now is to grow our miniautre Hereford herd. We would like to eventually have three pastures with a rotating herd for breeding and meat production.

When will you be offering farm fresh eggs?

If all goes well, we hope to have an abundance of colorful, farm fresh eggs this spring. We took in a flock of 7 more chickens in the fall and once they start laying, we will have a plethora of eggs.

How big is a full grown miniature hereford?

Our girls are considered 00-000 sized and will be around 40"-42" tall when full grown. Most miniature Herefords average around 42" tall.

Why have you chosen to homestead?

I get this question a lot...I'm a city girl who loves animals, gardening and nature. My happy place is playing in the dirt. It reminds me of my dad and grandfather who were master gardners. Matt is a west Texas to Oklahoma transplant who loves everything outdoors. We raised our boys in the city with lots of long weekends at our ranch in Texas. Now it's time for us to give back to the earth. Our dream is to eventually be a self sustaining farm and produce a good portion of the food we eat.


The rest of the animals...


Millie - English Bulldog & avid bird watcher

We lost our precious Millie in October 2020.


Shelby - Beagle & resident grunter


Willie & Hank - Great Pyreneese

      Livestock Guardians

             .....maybe someday Waylon & Cash will be added to the farm


Hank working the cattle...

he thinks he's a herder and a protector


lots of fish in a fully stocked 1/2 acre pond including Hoova 1 & Hoova 2

Our 6 Pekin ducks were ambushed at the pond by coyotes. We loved our sweet ducks and will add more to the farm someday...in their own SAFE habitat.