Cut Flowers

Growing up, there were always flowers in our house. I remember going to the florist with my mom and she would pick out the most beautiful blossoms. Everything from pretty little posies to tall spikey gladiolus (her favorite). I recall being fascinated by the uniqueness of each bloom and being overwhelmed with the sweet scent that waifed through the house. When it came to parties, my mom was the hostess with the mostest. She would have bouquets in every room and bathroom and centerpieces on every table.  As an adult, I always have fresh  flowers somewhere in the house. They are such a simple way to bring joy and make a room feel happy. 

Cut flowers weren't on my very long original list of "wants" for the farm but have quickly moved to the top of  my dream list. When you hand someone a bouquet of flowers, you can see the heaviness leave their face and happiness envelope them.

Stay tuned....a limited number of cut flower arrangements will soon be available for weekly delivery from the farm. I can't wait to share with you the happiness flowers can bring into your home. 

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